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Price List
1 Bucket = 5 Kg
1 Bucket = Rs 500,
1 Set = 4 Buckets (Rs 2,000),
Offers – 5 Set per 1 Bucket free price 500,

Buy Top Quality Waterproofing Compound in India

No one would want the water seeps down their wall, ceiling as it leads to damp patches that ruin the house interior. Especially when you have invested a considerable amount of money, you should be cautious of leakage. What exactly can be done to combat these problems?

Whether you are building a new house or repairing an existing one, it is important to waterproof it properly else leaks and cracks can make their way inside. Paying attention to the roofs is the need of the hour as these are exposed to harsh weather conditions. Keeping this into consideration; choosing the best in quality waterproofing solution is a good decision.

Looking for the water proofing compound in India that offers ultimate protection to house/buildings against leakage and cracks? We’ve got you covered!

Ratnakar Trading Company is a name that you can rely on for this purpose. We are a reliable manufacturer and supplier of waterproofing compound. Our unmatched quality service sets us apart and that’s why we have built up an impressive customer base.

We stock one of the best waterproofing for concrete roof that offers protection against leakage or damping interior or exterior of the house. If you feel embarrassed about the damp patches on wall and ceilings when someone visits, it is the right time to get the waterproofing done properly. You can buy finest quality compound from us for fixing these issues. 100% results are guaranteed.

Properties of Waterproofing compound

• Excellent crack bridging ability.
• High bonding strength.
• Long-lasting.
• Easy maintenance.

The blend of these properties makes our product to be the best waterproofing for concrete roof. If you are looking for the waterproofing that lasts for a prolonged period, you can definitely reach to us. We have the comprehensive solution to address the problems of leakage and damping with an ability.

Why buy our waterproofing chemical?

• Durable

One thing is for sure, choosing our roof waterproofing solutions in India ensures that your house will remain leak and damp proof. With the coating of this compound, your house can withstand bad weather conditions and remain in tip=top shape for long.

• Cost-effective

Thinking of buying our product? We offer one of the most reasonable roof waterproofing solutions in India. You can get it for the best price from us. Moreover, your budget will not hamper in this process too.

• Positive Customer’s Feedback

The customer’s feedback is of utmost importance to us. As of now, we have received good response from the customer’s end regarding our product’s performance. When contacted, they have only good things to say about us. Thus, the customer satisfaction rate is impressive overall.

Do you need a product like that? Get it from us at an attractive price! You are surely going to grab the right offer from us!

Need to inquire more about our product? You can always reach to us via mail or call. We are here to assist you!