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Power Fixit Chemical
1 Bucket = 5 Kg
1 Bucket = Rs 500,
1 Set = 4 Buckets (Rs 2,000),
If you are buying in Bulk (Whole Sale).
Minimum 5 Set order will accepted.
1 Bucket = 5 Kg
1 Bucket = Rs 450
5 Set = 20 Buckets (Rs 10,000),
Offers – 5 Set per 1 Bucket free price 500,
Complete Water Proofing Cement Chemical & Admixture for house building.
Power Fixit

Best Waterproofing chemical in Deoria, India

How great it would be if your house remains leakage proof for a lifetime? Spending a hefty amount in home construction and investing a lot of time in designing the interior, no one would want the issues like leakage and damping to develop.

What you can do to prevent the damp patches and leakage? Bring top quality waterproofing products for your place to make it weather resistant for life. This can add an extra layer of protection to your home and mitigates the risk of cracks or leaks throughout.

Want a highly effective water proofing solution that provides excellent crack bridging performance? You have landed at the right destination! We have come up with the product especially designed to take a good care of new houses and repairs.

Ratnakar Trading Company is a renowned supplier of the best waterproofing chemical in India. We offer a complete range of waterproofing products that safeguards houses against leakage or seepage. We are committed to making your house leak-free and damp-free with a comprehensive range of products for the waterproofing.

We supply waterproofing products that heals critical surface areas, such as internal/external walls, roof, bathrooms, etc. Our best in class chemicals are perfect for constructing or repairing new homes. Your house is completely safe and secure if have a waterproof coating of our chemical. Our chemical is durable and manufactured to deliver long lasting results.

A Building Envelope for New House

If you are building a new home, then we recommend using our top-notch quality waterproofing solution. You would not have to worry about any leakage or damping for many years to come. Your house can withstand extreme weather conditions, if a waterproofing done properly.

Benefits of Waterproofing:-

• Enhances life expectancy of the house
• Reduces recurrent house expenses
• Increases house worth
• Removes health problems

Do you want to avail them? Buy our waterproofing chemicals for concrete now!

Quality Waterproofing chemicals for Terrace

The terrace is the most affected region of the house/building due to its maximum exposure towards rain. A robust waterproofing is important; otherwise damp patches will occur on the ceiling. If you don’t want this to happen in your place, buy our waterproofing solution right now!

With us, you will always get your hands on the quality waterproofing chemicals for terrace. We never compromise on the product’s quality. The best thing is that our price is reasonable. You can afford easily. For any plans to buy in bulk, you can order it freely as prices are cost-effective that do not hamper your budget.

What customers have to say about us?

Quality and affordability comes first in their mind when they hear our name. They truly loved the performance of our waterproofing chemicals for concrete. Overall, they are satisfied with the product’s superior results.

So, why delay any longer? Just get it from us today!

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